Saturday , January 21 2017
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WhatsApp To Introduce Video Calling

whatsapp video calling

The most popular messaging service that accommodates over a billion users has finally confirmed the introduction of its newest feature – video calling. The company was trying video bringing in its most recent beta releases in the earlier months however this is the first occasion when it has officially reported …

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Make Live Video Calls with WhatsApp

whatsapp calls

Finally! Finally! Whatsapp is introducing video calling for its customers. We have all been there, wondering why in the world does WhatsApp not offer video call option when it is the best and most widely used voice call app in the world. Much satisfied with the voice call quality of …

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Share Location via Instant Messaging Apps

Save the frustration of explaining your location to your loved ones in Pakistan. Instant messaging apps are here to help you. Over the last decade, mobiles have evolved to become much more than a wireless telephone. From instant email access to free video chats, smartphones have made our lives so …

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