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Time for Warid Users to Replace their SIMS

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CEO of the unified brand, Aamir Ibrahim, has announced that they can bid farewell to the old companies which were named Mobilink and Warid as the completion process of the merger is nearing its end. The new company will be known by the name Jazz which will be the brand identity as well.

The name Warid will be extinguished in near future when all the Warid customers will be shifted to the newly formed Jazz network.

According to this update, it will become mandatory for all the Warid customers to get new SIMS if they want to continue to use their 3G and 4G services.

Those Warid customers which are using the legacy SIMS which haven’t been 3G or 4G enabled need to get their SIMS replaced if they want them to continue working. On the other hand, those users who already have 4G compatible SIMS can continue to use them.

However, Jazz customers need not replace their old SIMS. The only condition where they would be required to get a new SIM from the company is if they want to avail 4G services from it.

Within a few months, the entire integration process will be completed and this will be the time when none of the old Warid SIMS will be working. The non-4G SIM users would need to get them updated before such a thing happens if they want to continue to use the services of the company.

Jazz has said that it will notify the Warid users to carry out this task so that they do not have to face the disruption in the services.

It will take time and a few phases to complete the entire SIM replacement process. The company is coming up with an effective plan and the customers will soon be informed about the different time periods when they can get their SIMS replaced.

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