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Indian Agencies Trying to Hack Smartphones in Pakistan through WhatsApp Video Call

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Indians have resorted to the field of Information Technology (IT) to peak into the lives of common Pakistani citizens. Their aggression has gone to the extent where they are ready to violate the privacy of people who move about their daily without having nothing to do with the tension which has recently hiked greatly between the two countries.

An alert has been issued by The National Telecom & Information Technology Security Board. According to it, the secret agencies from the city of Mumbai are trying to get into the smartphones of the Pakistani citizens using the latest WhatsApp video call feature. This issue is of grave nature because this means that all the data in your smartphones is unprotected because of this.

The Indian hatred towards Pakistanis is not hidden and can be seen in various instances. They have constrained water resources numerous times since the independence and the occasional firing along the Line of Control (LOC) is another thing which the Pakistani forces have to face every now and then.

In order to stay protected, the people must avoid clicking on the random WhatsApp video call links. If someone has already done so then it is better to reset the phone as soon as possible.

All the Android users must only resort to Google Play for downloading the app and refrain from clicking on any of the unauthorized links.

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