Tuesday , January 16 2018
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Uber deals for Loyal Riders

If you are an avid user of Uber, there is good news for you. Uber is providing all its top users with a VIP program entailing premium service packed with monthly perks and benefits, giveaways and the like. In lieu of the regressing condition of public transport, a more affordable …

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Man Arrested for Blackmail Under Cyber Crime Bill

cyber crime

Cyber crime, and cyber bullying, is very real and very disturbing. It leaves people feeling exposed and troubled and there have been many incidences which could be classified as a real, punishable crime. Hence, the “Cyber Crime Act 2016” was passed, and with more and more cases being registered, the …

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Signal spillover between Afghan and Pakistan remains unresolved

afghan mobile signals

The issue of GSM signal spillover of Afghani telecom operators into the areas of Durand Line (the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan), was raised by Pakistani officials. As of yet, an official reply has not been received from the Afghan government, stated Ismail Shah, Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). …

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From A Vision To Reality: First Ship Docks At Gwadar Port via CPEC

cpec 5

A Chinese ship named “He Lee” docked at Gwadar Port earlier today, carrying a Chinese consignment and 300 containers to western markets. The consignment was brought into Pakistan from Kashghar and finally reached Gwadar through CPEC western route. The consignment contains a myriad of goods amounting to 300 containers. They …

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Pakistani Cinemas To Air Irani and Turkish Films

Turkish Films in pakistan

After rising tensions between India and Pakistan, and a subsequent ban on their cinematic content, local authorities have announced they will replace Indian content with Irani and Turkish films instead, to save the declining cinematic industry. Because Indian films were such a huge contribution to the cinematic flourish in Pakistan, …

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Facebook Will Not Be Using WhatsApp Data

facebook data privacy

The privacy watchdog of Britain declared that Facebook has come to an agreement to suspend using the data of WhatsApp users in the UK, for advertisements or product services as the consumers may be left unprotected. The watchdog also stated that Facebook will be facing a legal penalty if such …

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PSO Introduces High Quality RON92 Petrol

pso ron

The top marketer of petroleum products, Pakistan State Oil (PSO), recently launched the nationwide sale of Altron Premium and Altron X High Performance as part of a new range of premium petroleum products. As the product is currently being shipped to central and northern regions, it will be available in …

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Samsung Washing Machines Exploding! No Kidding!

samsung washing machines exploding

While Samsung was still recovering from the Note 7 trauma, another ailment has befallen the South Korean giant. Now its washing machines have started exploding at high speeds, severely injuring as many as 9 people including a broken jaw, injured shoulder, and a fall. Within a month of having recalled …

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India is Causing the Smog Engulfing Pakistan, NASA Reports

smog in lahore

Smog has been terrifying Pakistanis for days now. While citizens are continuously advised to stay indoors and minimize any excursion, nobody really knew the cause of the smog. Some blamed it on factories, others on Diwali festivities in India. Turns out that India is behind the smog but Diwali festivities …

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