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Aruba Ali

Aruba Ali is an English student who loves to read and write in her leisure time. She continues to research and reach out to different people to expand her knowledge. Other than that, she enjoys doing photography.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about the VR Box

VR Box; what Is It? VR (Virtual Reality) is the latest advancement yet in computer technology which uses interactive software and hardware to imitate the real environment by producing lifelike images, sounds and other naturalistic sensations. As the users can look, move around and interact with various things on a …

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Tinder; the New “Rishta Wali Aunti”

The title of this article must have made the direction in which I will be heading pretty clear. If not, then let me introduce you to the new character in the life of Social Media; Tinder. Tinder is the most popular and trending dating app in today’s online world. Why …

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A Sneak Peek into the Cities of the Future

The tradition of moving to cities from villages is an old one. However, in the recent years, it has increased at a greater level as people are now much more aware of the better job opportunities in an urban city. Thanks to technology for combining the ideas of futurists, urban planners, and …

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How To Use Whatsapp Without Your Mobile Number

Whatsapp has become the most popular messaging application due to its various features and user-friendly design. After installing Whatsapp on your phone, you are required to enter your mobile number  to activate Whatsapp However, if you wish to use Whatsapp without providing your mobile number, you have to download another …

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TPL Maps; Google Maps Now Has A Rival

After 22,000 hours of research, 15 years of data collected by a hardworking team of 100 IT and GIS Analysts, Pakistan now has its own navigation app TPL Maps. TPL Trakker is the tracking solutions company responsible for developing TPL Maps. The app has been solely made in Pakistan and …

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