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Anum Anwaar

Anum Anwaar is a woman of values and believes and strives to stand by them against all odds.She is a huge believer in peace,prosperity and prayer and aspires to contribute her part in making the world a better place to live in.She has a passion for psychology, meditation, linguistics, and Quran in all of its beauty and magnificence inspires her deeply.

Make Live Video Calls with WhatsApp

whatsapp calls

Finally! Finally! Whatsapp is introducing video calling for its customers. We have all been there, wondering why in the world does WhatsApp not offer video call option when it is the best and most widely used voice call app in the world. Much satisfied with the voice call quality of …

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Fraudsters Hacking Pakistani Bank Accounts

Beware Pakistani banking customers! Fraudulent SMS are enticing the general public to give up their personal bank accounts information to the fraudsters. Many incidents of false banking SMS in Pakistan have been reported in the past few days. Customers of various banks have reported having received an SMS, (that appears …

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Arab World-the Next Startup Hub?

burj khalifa

Over the last decade, Dubai has been the primary hub for all startups in the Middle East. The number of new ventures in the region has been growing by double-digits, says the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. The reason; business friendly policies and supportive tax regimes, enacted by Dubai government. Dubai …

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Starbucks is Finally Coming to Pakistan

starbucks coming to Pakistan

Let’s admit, Starbucks is a legend! Take a sip once and get hooked for life. The American coffee company has, for long, enchanted the world with its mesmerizing freshly brewed coffee, always leaving its customers longing for more. True to its name, it certainly is the best coffee one can …

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P@SHA ICT Awards Celebrated IT Heroes

pasha awards

Pakistan Software House Association (P@SHA), country’s preeminent software house, held its 10th Annual ICT Awards Ceremony in Karachi. Individuals and Companies applied in 17 product categories and 15 local categories. 120 participants were nominated across products and services categories, 90 of whom were shortlisted. Judgment was carried out across three …

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Google Waives Debt of PKR 11,654,186 owed by a 12-year-old

Google elevates its goodwill by waiving off the debt of €100,000 unknowingly incurred by a 12-year old Spanish boy. Jose Javier, from the south-eastern city of Spain, plays in a brass band who reaches to the masses through a website. To promote his website, the 12-year old signed up an …

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Share Location via Instant Messaging Apps

Save the frustration of explaining your location to your loved ones in Pakistan. Instant messaging apps are here to help you. Over the last decade, mobiles have evolved to become much more than a wireless telephone. From instant email access to free video chats, smartphones have made our lives so …

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