Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Anum Anwaar

Anum Anwaar is a woman of values and believes and strives to stand by them against all odds.She is a huge believer in peace,prosperity and prayer and aspires to contribute her part in making the world a better place to live in.She has a passion for psychology, meditation, linguistics, and Quran in all of its beauty and magnificence inspires her deeply.

All You Need to Know About Spy Software

The foremost thing about spy software is realizing the importance which it carries and how it will benefit you and your family. Once you realize the capabilities of such software, you will be able to understand how essential it is for online safety. Choosing the right software is not an …

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Internet On-The-Go In Five Main Cities Of Punjab

pitb 5 cities internet

The Government of Punjab has officially launched 200 free Wi-Fi spots at five different cities allowing the people to access the free internet while being on-the-go. These cities are Faisalabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, and Bahawalpur and along with them, Murree will also have 16 hotspots. This internet service was launched …

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Make Mobile Payments by Sound

mobile payments by sound

Aimazing, a Singaporean tech startup, with the launch of their pilot program earlier this month, is now aiming to commercialize their innovative technology of using sound to make mobile payments. Aimazing intends to target the mobile payments market by introducing a more convenient option than the near field communication (NFC) …

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Samsung Washing Machines Exploding! No Kidding!

samsung washing machines exploding

While Samsung was still recovering from the Note 7 trauma, another ailment has befallen the South Korean giant. Now its washing machines have started exploding at high speeds, severely injuring as many as 9 people including a broken jaw, injured shoulder, and a fall. Within a month of having recalled …

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India is Causing the Smog Engulfing Pakistan, NASA Reports

smog in lahore

Smog has been terrifying Pakistanis for days now. While citizens are continuously advised to stay indoors and minimize any excursion, nobody really knew the cause of the smog. Some blamed it on factories, others on Diwali festivities in India. Turns out that India is behind the smog but Diwali festivities …

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Peoples Obsession With Tablet is Over

tablet sales dropped

Strategy Analytics report a decline in the tablet sales by around 10 % annually, abating it to an all time lowest of 46.6 million. The tablet market has seen a continuous decline since bigger screens have become the norm in smartphones. The diminishing sales are not as surprising as the …

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USA National Security Agency Hacked PTCL, Micronet, and Multinet

nsa hack ptcl

NSA breaches hundreds of IP addresses including those of Pakistan telecommunications sector, spying on Pakistani civil and military leadership. The news has been accented by an organization called the “Shadow Brokers” in a Medium post named “Trick or Treat”. The leak pinpoints at least four Pakistani Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) …

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10 Superb Business Ideas with Investment of Rs.10,000

small business ideas

Ever thought of starting your own business? We all dream of the day when we no longer have to put up with the whip cracking by our supervisors and get to be our own boss. But for one reason or another,all our dreams remain elusive. Our fear of being challenged …

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