Tuesday , January 16 2018
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Alina Ashraf is currently a medical student from the Aga Khan University, who loves to write and read literature in her leisure time. She is also a keen artist. She continues to pursue her interests while balancing medicine, and hopes to be a cardiologist one day.

iPhone 8 May Feature Wireless Charging

iphone 8 wireless charging

If you thought their wireless headphones were a big jump, take a look at this! Apple is currently a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, as revealed by 9to5mac, the website that has recently added Apple as one of the 213 members. This website is propagating rumors that iPhone will …

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Infinix Sends Data Back To China

infinix sending data back to china

Infinix, a brand that functions within Pakistan, is among those that are under this threat. This is not the first incident that has happened this week. Earlier this week, researchers from Krytowire discovered that Chinese smartphones were found to be carrying permanent and pre-installed firmware which gathered sensitive information; messages, call …

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Best Black Friday Deals In Pakistan

What began a year ago as a breakout for Pakistani stores is currently developing into an sales phenomena. A year ago was only the initiation, the items were limited, and the opposition wasn’t this extreme, 3G/4G wasn’t this predominant and online businesses weren’t known to the masses. This has changed …

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Every Pakistani is Over PKR 115,148 in Debt

Pakistani debt

The topic of national debt is an ongoing crucial matter, regardless of who wins what political agenda or election, or which political party is in power. Inspite of the fact that slow but steady improvement in a myriad of sectors has taken place, and the economy is growing at an …

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Another Case Of Cybercrime: CSP officers’ Facebook hacked

On Wednesday, a number of hackers deprived people of a large amount of money, namely thousands of rupees, by hacking into the Facebook accounts of several CSP officers in Multan. Mansoorul Haq Rana, the present superintendent of police, told the media on Wednesday that a group of hackers that were …

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Buy Self-Lacing Nike Shoes For $720

If you’re a frequent surfer of the net and up to date with the craziest trends nowadays, you must have heard about the famous (or infamous?) self-lacing shoes Nike has just introduced. Ever since Marty wore them in Back to the Future II, it is every fan’s dream to wear …

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Signal spillover between Afghan and Pakistan remains unresolved

afghan mobile signals

The issue of GSM signal spillover of Afghani telecom operators into the areas of Durand Line (the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan), was raised by Pakistani officials. As of yet, an official reply has not been received from the Afghan government, stated Ismail Shah, Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). …

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AliExpress’s Biggest Shopping Event of the Year

ali express 11 sale

Alibaba’s subsidiary, AliExpress, is the biggest online retailer in the world, selling everything at a wholesale price through its website. It’s most anticipated shopping event is 11.11 or Single’s Day, which generated $14.3 billion in revenue and is expected to go even higher this year. From tomorrow, a large variety …

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Pakistani Cinemas To Air Irani and Turkish Films

Turkish Films in pakistan

After rising tensions between India and Pakistan, and a subsequent ban on their cinematic content, local authorities have announced they will replace Indian content with Irani and Turkish films instead, to save the declining cinematic industry. Because Indian films were such a huge contribution to the cinematic flourish in Pakistan, …

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