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Punjab to Install Water ATM Machines at Different Locations

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As a result of historical contribution between the United States’ University of Colorado and Information Technology University Lahore, a number of ATM water machines will be set up across the province so that the local residents can be provided with clean drinking water.

As per the reports, the entire project will cost something around 374,599 USD. This project is going to take place under the Pakistan United States Science and Technology Cooperation Program.

Dr. Tauqeer Tauseef and Dr. Mustafa Naseem from IT University will be working together on this project. It will be supervised by America’s National Academy of Science and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan.

IT University released a report on all the details where the research showed that ineffective monitoring of water filtration plants has deprived the local residents of clean water facilities. The report also says that Pakistan is very close to facing a severe water crisis because the underground water level has come down to only 1000 cubic meter. This is actually quite an alarming situation. The water ATM machines will be controlled electronically and measuring the quality of water will also be possible through them.

The project is to begin really soon according to the details.

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