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Instagram Introduces a New Feature which Lets You Hide Your Photos


Another feature has been rolled out by Instagram for its users around the globe. Since the acquisition of this photo-sharing platform by social media giant Facebook, it has been introducing exciting new features every now and then. With this one, users can hide their photos or videos which they don’t want the public audience to view.

Instagram has named this new feature as the archive and has been testing it for the last month before finally introducing it to the public today.

This is another similarity of Instagram with Snapchat. The new feature has an uncanny resemblance with Snapchat’s memories section. It also allows the users to hide their snaps from the general public.

The company says that this feature has been introduced because people don’t want to delete their photos rather, keep them safe somewhere. Instead of deleting them, they can now hide or archive them with the advantage of using them whenever they want to.

Because of this new feature launch, experts are saying that there are high chances that the user base of Instagram is going to increase a lot more than before.

The company has said, “One can archive any photo on his/her profile by tapping the “…” three dots button in the top right of the post, then selecting archive.”

The parent company of Instagram, Facebook, has also presented a new update for its users and this makes it look like Twitter. However, some strict criticism has been thrown towards Facebook for allegedly copying featTwitter.

Facebook stole the iconic feature of Twitter that allows the users to post their updates within a limit of 140 characters. Only one change has been made by Facebook while doing so and that is the character limit is set to 130 instead of 140.

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