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Facebook Has Introduced Some Major Updates for Group Admins

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The biggest social media platform Facebook has rolled out some impressive updates for the admins of the groups. They will now be able to analyze and manage the groups easily. The new feature was launched at the Community Summit which was held in Chicago.

“Groups have been around since the very beginning of Facebook,” continued the Chief Product Officer Chris Cox. “The original Facebook was more of a communities product than it was about friends.”

The new tools which are now being offered to all the group admins now include the filtering of the membership requests, clean-up of all the members, group insights, group-to-group linking, and scheduled posts. As per Facebook, these new and improved tools will aid the group admins in effectively managing the content on the group. Moreover, they will be facilitated in their tedious job of handling the group.

What are Group Insights?

A lot of complaints were being heard from the group admins regarding difficulties in running the groups. Engaging and supporting the group members was something that needed immediate attention by the administration. With the help of the group insights tools, the group admins can now view the metrics of their group and see the real-time engagement of the members. They will be able to come up with some effective strategies for the groups.

What is Membership Request Filtering?

This Facebook tool allows the group admins to customize the membership requests from the people. If a person is running a sports group and he wants people belonging to specific age group, gender, or region become a part of his group, he can do so with the help of the new tool.

Furthermore, the new clean-up tool allows the admins to remove any person or content from the group in a quick and easy way.

The most widely used social media platform has also ascertained that it will be tightening its policies and platform to make it less accessible for terrorists. All the malicious posts will be taken care of and removed on time. The intention of the company is to hire around 3,000 people who will take care of the negative and malicious content.

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