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Jazz Launches its Own Ride-Hailing Service in the Form of mLift

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One of the largest telecom services in Pakistan, Jazz, is now set to enter the ride-hailing business as well. It is going to launch a new service called mLift which is going to solve the transportation issues of the public.

Although the ride is following the suit of Uber and Careem but it will be working differently than both of these services. The service doesn’t depend on an internet connection to work but the rider will be following this procedure to book a ride:

  • The rider will be required to dial 7555 on his phone.
  • He will be connected to a free rider nearby according to his location.
  • The price and the destination will be negotiated on the call between the rider and the driver.
  • After both of them agree on a price, the driver will confirm the ride for the rider.
  • The driver will make the trip for the rider who will make the payment after reaching the destination.

The Main Differences from Other Rides

With the passage of time, Ride sharing and ride-hailing services are becoming more and more popular in Pakistan. There are different instances when both Uber and Careem have faced issues because of their business model. Because of non-compliance with some of the existing business practices, both the services are in thin waters with the government and the authorities.

There is a huge backlash from the local transportation services who are suffering major losses because of these two services. One of the biggest issues is the non-availability of the internet to a major chunk of the population due to which these services lose on their business.

mLift is supposedly following a different business model and will be countering all these issues. They will be taking the existing transporters on board and will be able to operate in all those areas where there is cellular connectivity (nearly all of Pakistan).

However, there are certain key aspects where mLift will fall short of both Careem and Uber. Firstly, there is a hassle of negotiating with the driver before getting onto the ride. Customers who have already started using Careem and Uber have become accustomed to that business model and paying the calculated amount will face trouble in going back to the previous model. Secondly, there are no security benefits like ride-tracking etc. Jazz might want to change it in future but currently, there has been no mention of this feature.

For now, Jazz is going to launch the service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and has an aim of expanding it to more areas.

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