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Facebook will not Provide Links to “Low Quality” Websites in the News Feed

facebook removed Blasphemous Content

Facebook has said recently that it will be making certain changes in its design for the convenience of the users. These changes will prevent the users from linking to “low-quality” websites. This is an effort to fight malware, spam, and misinformation so that the users can be protected from dangerous and irrelevant links.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the biggest social media platform will be making changes in its ranking algorithm. Because of the new algorithm, the users will be seeing fewer posts in their news feed “that link to these low-quality web page experiences”.

A blog post by Facebook had the following on the said matter, “With this update, we reviewed hundreds of thousands of web pages linked to/from Facebook to identify those that contain little substantive content and have a large number of disruptive, shocking or malicious ads.”

“If we determine a post might link to these types of low-quality web pages, it may show up lower in people’s feeds and may not be eligible to be an ad.” These are the lines from the blog pose by the researchers Shengbo Guo and Jiun-Ren Lin.

“This way people can see fewer misleading posts and more informative posts.”

This is the most recent and effective step taken by Facebook to attack “fake news” and all other sources of false information. It is also a way to get rid of the “click farms” that generate revenue by linking the users to different irrelevant websites.

In 2016, Facebook came under hot fire because of spread of wrong information pertaining to the US presidential campaign. However, the platform maintains that it has no role in influencing the decision of the voters.

The social network boasts nearly two billion users around the world and quite recently, it has uplifted its security to combat the efforts of governments and other institutions to spread misinformation. The platform has added such security so that the decision of the users cannot be manipulated because of political reasons.

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  • facebook removed Blasphemous Content: dawn news

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