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Facebook Has Blocked Siasat.PK Entirely

Facebook today banned without giving them any prior warning. The website is known to have a stance against the government.

A member of the management team has confirmed that their Facebook page which had more than 1.3 million likes has been blocked and cannot be accessed by anywhere in the world.

Also, Facebook is not allowing any of its users to share the links pertaining to on the platform. If you try to share anything on your timeline or even in a private message, you receive a notification which tells you that you are unable to do so.

The website has confirmed that they did not receive any notice or warning from the social media giant on blockage of the website on the platform.

It is to be noted here that Facebook always provides a clarification to the particular page or website before blocking their content. However, nothing of such sort has happened in this case.

Earlier as well, It was blocked by PTA but it has to be unblocked because of the increased public pressure.

Although the team is not sure but they are of the view that PML(N) government and their social media team could be behind this ban as the website posts content against them.

They claim that a complaint was lodged by PTA to the Facebook page of

“Facebook, under the recent contract with Interior Ministry, is bound to block any page for which a directive is received through PTA,” claimed the website.

However, for now, PTA has declined any involvement in blocking of All the internet users are protesting the ban and demanding the page to be restored. A hashtag #WeStandWithSiasatpk has been circulating and is one of the top trends on Twitter.

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