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E-Ticketing System will be Available in Lahore within a Month

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Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan when it comes to population and maintaining law and order amongst millions of people is not an easy task. The heavy traffic and the narrow roads make it nothing less than a hassle for a traffic warden to perform his duty. This is the reason that the e-ticketing system emerged as a need of the hour.

The initiative has been taken by the government to bring the e-ticketing system in the pipeline so that all the problems pertaining to traffic can be resolved that the wardens and the citizens are facing on a daily basis.

For the past few months, the project was under process and required the approval of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. The project has finally received his green signal now.

Within a month’s time, the project of issuing e-tickets in handling the violent traffic of Lahore will be completed as well as implemented. Punjab Inspector General of Police Captain (Retd) Usman Khattak revealed the information in a meeting on Monday. This meeting took place at the Integrated Command and Control Center in Lahore.

He has said that the e-ticketing system will solve a number of issues for both the traffic police and the citizens. This is the reason that a lot of emphases was being applied so that the project can be implemented as soon as possible.

Instead of a paper ticket, the offenders will be issued an e-ticket which is an electronic equivalent of the former and reduces time to resolve the offense related issues as well. Because of e-ticket, the offenders will not be able to pay the penalty at a later date as required by the law.

Additionally, the Government of Punjab has also approved the installments for the cameras to be put at the traffic signals. These cameras will monitor the motion of the traffic and will record the violations.

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