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Super Power E-Cars to be Launching Soon

Electric Cars in Pakistan

Super Power was one of the first brands which introduced the electric motorbikes in the scene. Now, they are inclined to launch the electric cars in the country.

Amongst the masses, the brand is popularly known for motorbikes but quite recently, it has unveiled two electric cars at “14th My Karachi-Oasis of Harmony” exhibition recently.

The cars were shown to the audiences during the three-day exhibition at the Karachi Expo Center.

Marketing Executive of N.J Auto Industries, Abdul Muqsit, has spoken to the media and said that the company is hoping to start making these electric cars available to the general public within three months.

He further added, “Its target market is not specific. People from all age groups can drive this car. We believe the market for E-cars will grow much faster in the coming years so we have decided to enter this market.”

The Super Power E-Car

Two variants of the electric vehicles have been launched. The first one is two-door and is priced at Rs.600,000 whereas the second one is four-door priced at Rs.650,000. Both of them are expected to hit the market in Pakistan within the next three months.

The vehicles have a capacity of going up to 50km/h. They can travel up to 120km after getting a 7-hour charge.

The vehicles are equipped with a battery of 12 volts which can be charged in a similar way as the battery of a UPS. Muqsit emphasized that the step was necessary given the infrastructure of the country and the state of the households. The dependency on an outdoor station or a dock will be reduced in this way.

According to the media resources, these electric vehicles will be imported from China which is one of the largest markets in the world when it comes to electric cars.

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