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Spellfix Allows You to Watch Movies in Pakistan for a Low Fee of Rs.50

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The piracy has always been a huge issue with the entertainment industry and is considered to be a very controversial subject. By allowing users to download copyrighted content, it serves a blow to the producers in the entertainment section. However, it serves as the livelihood of many since 2000.

There have been many initiatives by governments and private organizations to end this issue. Many renowned torrent sites have been shut down, there are no illegal e-books available on the internet to be downloaded, and it has nearly become extinct to download the MP3’s through a P2P service.

In this fight, the entertainment industry seems to be winning but after this happens, will there be any option for the people to watch movies at affordable rates?

A web application has been brought to Pakistan by Spell Movies Inc. allowing the users to view the movies On-Demand. The movies are released on the platform named Spellfix merely after a couple of months of its release in cinema. Spell Movies Inc. already have a set up in numerous countries namely USA, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

The aim of Spellfix is to give a tough time to NetFlix and iFlix by offering the following features:

  • No subscription or registration fee
  • Renting a movie for 2 days (50 will be charged on mobile balance and Rs.100 on credit card)
  • Offering unlimited views during the rent time
  • Multiple payment options through
  • Coupon code which can be deducted from the mobile balance:
  • Telenor
  • Jazz
  • Zong
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Movies can be added to the favorites section
  • Invoicing interface for all the purchases

The service also offers movies on a number of genres including:

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Kids & Animation
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Classics
  • Action & Adventure

Saqib Rathore who is the CEO of SpellMovies LLC says, “ Yes, NetFlix and iFlix have made their way to Pakistan, and have clearly seen a lot of demand for their subscription based models the world over. There is also a huge discrepancy between what NetFlix USA offers and what the International (Pakistani) Netflix has to offer its customers. Spellfix is officially licensed to show content from Sony Pictures and many other studios.”

For charging as low as Rs.50, Spellfix allows its users to view a very wide collection of movies in the store. It also provides an opportunity to the customers who don’t have a credit card to pay through their mobile coupons. The content from the following studios can be viewed on the platform:

  • Sony Pictures
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Warner Brothers
  • Dreamworks
  • MGM

Because of this, it can be viewed as Apple’s parallel of buying videos. However, it doesn’t seem to isolate itself from mainstream video viewing in Pakistan. It is syndicated with PTCL Smart TV providing them content for their On-Demand services.

For those Pakistanis who like Indian music, the platform is also officially licensed to disperse content from 9X Media and INX Music.

Currently, there is only a website for the platform and an app is being worked on. The future of Spellfix looks promising in Pakistan with a number of people enjoying movies on a lazy Sunday evening or during a night out with friends. One of the factors which will ensure its success is the mobile payments system.


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