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Payoneer Account Signup in Pakistan

payoneer signup

Payoneer is a New York-based financial company which started back in 2005 but quite recently, it received the boost which it deserved because of all the valuable services provided by it.

The Payoneer MasterCard can be used for receiving payments from all the freelancing companies. This money can be withdrawn from any of the local ATMs in your country if Payoneer works there and fortunately, Pakistan is included in the list. This serves a great deal of relief for all the freelancers who earn through the freelancing companies and websites.

Apart from the MasterCard, Payoneer also provides an option to use a US bank account for receiving payments from any US or EU company. This proves to be an additional advantage of the card. One can receive payments from more than 800 well-known US and EU companies through your Payoneer card.

If you are a freelancer in Pakistan and face occasional payment problems, it will be beneficial to get a Payoneer card which can prove to be a handy solution for all your problems. Here are the things you need to know to get your hands on a Payoneer card:

Payoneer Account Signup

PayPal is not working in Pakistan so the best alternative available is Payoneer as most of the companies provide online payments. First of all, go to the Payoneer website and create an account after which you will be able to order a card.

Be very careful and accurate while filling the details especially your home address so that you can receive the Payoneer card right on time. If you did not receive the card within the allocated time, contact the Payoneer live chat support or simply call 1-800-251-2521 so that they can send you another card.

Activating the Payoneer Card

After ordering the card, there is an approximate wait of about 10 to 20 days. The card will be received on the provided address. After receiving the card, the first thing to do is to activate it and for that, you would need to log into your account.

You will find an activation link over there and will generate a new PIN for your card for receiving all the payments. You need to click on the link and create a PIN for your card and it will be ready to use.

With the help of this card, you can easily shop online and withdraw your online money from ATMs.

payoneer card pin

The Supported Banks

One thing which must be kept in mind is that this card cannot be used with any ATM. There are only certain banks in Pakistan that support this facility and only their ATMs can be used for withdrawal. These banks along with the fee charged by them are:

  • Standard Chartered Bank (Rs.300 per transaction)
  • Bank Al-Falah (No fee)
  • Muslim Commercial Bank (Rs.200 per transaction)

Charges on the Payoneer Card

One can place the order for this card and receive it without paying anything. However, there is a payment of $30 required for the activation of this card.

Earlier, the freelancers used to withdraw money from the ATMs and each transaction would cost them additional Rs.750. This proved to be quite expensive for the freelancers as they couldn’t afford to use the ATM again and again.

But now, the freelancers simply need to add their Pakistani bank accounts and request for the withdrawal. By providing your local bank details while signing up, you can simply receive the payments directly into your account. This has provided immense ease to all the freelancers out there.

The minimum limit to withdraw money from the banks is set to USD $200.

It must be remembered that currently, Payoneer doesn’t support the Pakistani rupee as a currency. Because of this, the local bank in Pakistan will charge a 3.5% currency exchange fee on these funds. Also, the funds transferred from Payoneer to the bank account is a usual wire transfer and will take about 2-5 working days.

Transferring Money from Skrill to Payoneer

It is very easy to transfer funds from your Skrill account to your Payoneer card. For this, you need to verify your address on Skrill’s website by uploading electricity, gas, or any other bill to their website. The bill must have your name and address on it for complete verification.

After uploading the bill, your account is verified within a few days and you can add your Payoneer card there. Remember that you need to add your USA bank account number (received in the email) and not the Payoneer card number here.

Sign Up and Earn $25

By signing up for the card through this link, you’ll be able to register yourself rather quickly and without any hassle. As soon as you receive a payment worth $100, you will get your $25 reward.

Payoneer-MasterCard signup

Best Choice for Pakistani Freelancers

If you are working as a freelancer then resorting to using the Payoneer card is the best option for you. The other ways of transferring money are way too expensive and require a lot more time as well. with the help of this card, you can save up to 90% of your payment fee and receive payments from clients within a few hours.

Increase your income and work with global companies from any part of the world. By paying a relatively small amount, you can easily get access to a lot of money making options and different companies from around the globe.

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