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NSA Cyber Weapons Hacking Pakistani Mobile System According to Wikileaks

nsa hacking pakistani mobiles

New information has been revealed regarding the involvement of the United States of America in hacking Pakistani mobile system. Wikileaks has made this revelation according to which NSA’s cyber weapons include a code for hacking the mobile system in Pakistan.

The Interest of NSA in Pakistan

National Security Agency which is popularly known as NSA is responsible for collecting, monitoring, and processing global information and data. The data is used for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes in the country. The agency has allegedly spied on Pakistani civilian and military leadership in the past as well.

A former NSA employee named Edward Snowden revealed that the agency has used cyber weapons and wiretapping to spy on a number of international leaders.

Scope of the Latest Information

Wikileaks has revealed numerous cyber weapon variants last Saturday and they point towards NSA hacking the mobile systems in Pakistan.

A tweet was made by Wikileaks’ official account and it pointed to the Github repository containing decrypted files relating to the NSA cyber weapons. A cyber security expert needs to completely analyze these files in order to tell about the severity of the situation.

However, the initial impressions clearly indicate these leaks will provide more evidence pertaining to all the allegations against NSA.

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