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Next iPhone Model With Wireless Charging!

Apple Wireless Charging

If the sources from AppleInsider are to be believed, the iPhone users will soon be able to charge their phones wirelessly by relying on the power of the router. According to AppleInsider, the company has already filed the patent application for “Wireless Charging and Communications Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas’ is a method for transferring power to electronic devices over frequencies normally dedicated to data communications.”

A number of things are possible through patch antennas including transferring the power without wires and instead, relying on different frequencies like microwaves. Millimeter communication can also become a reality through them. An array of beam steering can be formed by using patch antennas and communication through the waves is possible by the formation of a circuit.

The report also states, “Apple’s patent application merely covers the theory behind wireless power transmission using existing communications link frequencies, and does not divulge specific operating details beyond the implementation of specialized beam forming patch antennas.”

This can easily be termed as one of the biggest breakthroughs in achieving a truly wireless system. It seems that Apple has always been fascinated with getting rid of ports and removing all the clutter from its devices as they got rid of the headphone jack in their last flagship models, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. There are chances that they can even get rid of the charging port while giving the users a completely wireless experience.

There is still some wait before we can actually see this happen. However, we cannot ignore that a lot of other companies have also been experimenting with wireless charging in their own distinct capacities.

The best yet has been when in a controlled room, a bulb light was up and the phones were charging. It will take some time when this experiment can actually leave controlled conditions and can be implemented in regular life.

According to some other news, the True Tone display of the latest iPad Pro can also be making its way to the latest iPhone if some reports are to be believed. Forbes has released the following statement on this, “The screen technology uses advanced four-channel ambient light sensors to automatically adapt the color and intensity of the display to match the light in your environment. Which means reading anywhere is more natural and comfortable – almost like looking at a sheet of paper.”

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