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The New VR Play 2 Headset By Xiaomi Costs Only PKR 14,00

VR Play 2 Headset By Xiaomi

Quite lately, Xiaomi has revealed a new virtual reality headset for all its users and keeping the traditions of the company alive, this one is the cheapest headset available in the market.

Xiaomi calls it the Mi VR Play 2 and is offering it at a meager price of $14. It is not a replacement for the company’s other headset the Mi VR Glass.

Focusing on Comfort

The Chinese company has not beefed up the specs or made them more complex rather, it has only tried to make the Play 2 more comfortable. Because of this, it doesn’t seem odd that the headset has been equipped with an increased number of holes in an attempt to prevent it from becoming too hot under continuous usage.

The headset is also lighter as compared to its predecessor because it is made from a different material which is more “cloth like”. This allows it to be more comfortable especially for prolonged usage. It has a motion sensor and 16ms latency as well.

Supported Devices

Based on the devices which were supported by the last model, this one is likely to go with the Xiaomi Notes series along with the current and upcoming flagship models including Mi5 and Mi6 phones. The last year’s model came with a 9-axis motion controller but it is not clear whether this one will have it or not.

Not A Regular VR Set

This product is not meant for in-depth or full-blown experiences. The company is marketing it as a toy which shows that it will not serve complex jobs. However, if you are one of those people who hasn’t experienced the virtual reality or 360-degree videos yet, the Mi VR Play 2 could be a very nice option to take a start with.

With the release of the headset next month, more details will be revealed about it too.

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