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Become A Successful Freelance By Following These Easy Steps

how to become a freelancer

Become a freelancer can be liberating but it can be equally terrifying as well. Where to find the right platform? What processes and structures need to be in place? How to find the best clients? What is the apt amount to charge?

Pakistan is one of the top countries which has freelancers working on some of the most prominent online platforms. The country has to offer talented and valuable workforce in the following skills:

  • Web programmer
  • Graphic designer
  • Writer/blogger
  • Online marketer
  • Mobile developer

Choosing the Craft

It is very important to have faith in your abilities and you would be surprised to see the pool of opportunities waiting for you. One of the tricks to get successful in the field is to enlist your secondary skills as well. It requires only a bit of experience and training to master the craft. Do not be held back or paralyzed by the misconceptions that you do not have the potential to gain some of the skills.

When in the field, it becomes easier to pick up minute details and incorporate them to become a master of the skills. Choose all those crafts which have your interest and work hard to become a pro at them. This will lead to diverse opportunities and increased chances of success.

Creating a Brand for Yourself

A strong brand is essential in the world of freelancing because this will help you in standing out in the competition. Your brand whether it is a website, a blog, or a social media account is your identity and must be able to communicate your unique proposition to all your clients. Let them know what makes you special and better than the rest.

By building a brand, you’ll be able to target the right industry as well. Specialization in the craft that you have already chosen will make you more reliable and the first choice of all the clients. Your chances of success are maximized by building a brand that can provoke indifference in the audience.

Building a Strong Portfolio and Sourcing the Testimonials

Most of the time, the prospective clients are not concerned with your qualifications rather, they want to see your past works. By judging those works, they decide whether they want to give you the job or not. Therefore, it is very important to demonstrate a strong and versatile portfolio which can convince clients that you are fit for the job they are looking for.

Many freelancers pick up the smallest and least lucrative jobs but they don’t realize that they are trapping themselves in the vicious circle of bargain-basement work. It is better to boast a strong portfolio and always look for the kind of clients which can offer the best deals and rewards.

Initially, offering your work at zero rate is also a good way to show your potential and to capture some amazing clients. This will help in strengthening the portfolio and adding some glowing testimonials to the profile. This work done at the early stage can eventually turn out to be priceless for communicating your talent to clients for all the future endeavors.

Start Pitching for Different Projects

Only after gaining a strong portfolio by working on pro projects for the clients, you must start looking for paid work. It is time to pitch for some lucrative and high-paying jobs and grabbing their attention by demonstrating your exceptional skills in the past works.

But which clients should you pitch to? If you have created the right brand for yourself, you must know that which of the clients should you be pitching to. By following a narrow focus, you are more likely to attract the attention of the potential clients rather than having a generic approach and ending up with no work at all.

The right clients can be found anywhere if you know all the right places to look for them. Keeping the two keys in mind is extremely important nevertheless – only pitch to those clients which fit your brand and pitch to a number of them. Pitching to a set number of clients on a daily basis can take you further into the field.

Playing with the Odds

Freelancing is actually the game of numbers with your chances of success being high by bidding to a larger number of clients. This is the golden rule of freelancing and must always be kept in mind. If you have the reasonable skills and have managed to create a quality brand, there is no way that clients won’t be attracted and you’ll not have success in the world of freelancing.

Apart from a flexible working schedule, freelancers have the advantage of working on their own terms. The 2012 Freelance Industry Report revealed that 90% of freelancers are happier after opting for this career choice and leaving their desk jobs. There is no impact on their earnings of the economic downturn.

The future prospect of freelancing is very strong in Pakistan and the people looking for developing their career through this medium can expect decent earning. The job opportunities are on the rise and the market is in the apt condition for people to enter the freelancing workforce.

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