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A Smart Helmet “Helli” Introduced for Pakistani Bikers

Helli Helmet

The startups working on hardware in Pakistan are limited and can easily be counted on fingers. This is not due to lack of talent but because of lack of resources and capital in the country.

This doesn’t mean that there is no one working in the field. There are certain exceptional players in the industry who are developing amazing products. One such startup is “Let’s Innovate” which is a local hardware startup working on smart helmets for motorcyclists.


Let’s Innovate has introduced a new helmet called “Helli” which is actually a smart helmet. The purpose of this helmet is not only to provide safety to the bikers but also help them in staying connected while being on the road.

The team which is working on the product comprises of entrepreneurs and veterans from the industry. Ali Syed who is the CEO of Let’s Innovate has a lot of experience in robotics and managing automated products.

He said, “We as a team came together back in 2015, with a vision to do something different in the field of technology on our own terms.”

The company was also selected as a part of Jazz’s XLR8 program and also made into the top 10 teams selected for Internet of Things at the Mobile World Congress. They are residing currently at the National Incubation Center as incubator’s first cohort. Previously, they have been working on numerous products and have tried their hands in the field of automation as well.

When one of the co-founders had a tragic accident while riding a bike, the idea for a smart helmet struck them. This is when something triggered in the team and they started working together on the idea of “Helli” calling it a new take on the old concept of a helmet.

Helli comes with the following features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Speakers
  • Heart-rate sensor
  • Ash cam
  • GPS

It has an aerodynamic design and is weather resistant as well. There are indicators on the back of the helmet that can be clamped with the indicators on the bike.

While wearing this element, you can stay connected to your smartphone and even take calls without worrying. Listen to your favorite music and also track the rate of your heart. There is a mobile app for Helli too that allows you to see all your past locations.

The best feature of this helmet is the shock/fall detection feature in the case of any accident. The helmet will automatically contact the emergency services through your current GPS location. It is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and calls the numbers which you have saved in the app.

Helli hasn’t been launched commercially yet and there is no news about its cost. However, Ali maintains that the goal is to keep it affordable while providing exceptional customers service.

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