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Panasonic has Launched a Washing Machine with ‘Curry’ Button in India

panasonic washing machine curry button india

A special washing machine has been launched in India that comes with a mode to remove the curry stains.

The Japanese company has said that the introduction of the ‘curry’ button was followed by numerous complaints from the Indian customers who were struggling to get the clothes fully clean. The stains of the food especially curry remained on the clothes even after the wash.

It has taken two years of development for the company to come up with this feature. Different combinations of water temperature and water flow were tested by them. The researchers had to examine the basic ingredients of the Indian curry in order to come up with something which could fight those ingredients. Later, the water temperature and optimum time were discovered to get rid of the stains of the food.

The washing machine also has five additional cycles and they have been designed exclusively for the Indian audience. It also has a cycle to remove the hair oil stains.

Around 5,000 washing machines with the curry button have been bought by the customers so far; the goal is to sell minimum 30,000 more machines by March next year.

It was in 1990 when the company entered the Indian market with the first production of rice cookers. It then expanded its line to manufacture air conditioners as well.

The company has a plan to create similar washing machines for other Asian countries as well to tackle the stains specific to the food in those countries.

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