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Pakistan is Not in Trump Bans List For Carrying Laptops and Tablets on Flights

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The United States of America has banned passengers from a number of Muslim countries from carrying electronic devices on flights.

According to The Independent which is a UK based media conglomerate, the electronic devices which are bigger in size than the smartphones are included in this ban. About 8 Muslim countries are a part of this ban.

About 9 airlines and 10 airports have been affected in total because of this ban belonging to the 8 different Muslim-majority countries in the regions of the Middle East and Africa. The names of the countries are UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, and Egypt. The airlines which have been affected due to this are the Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Egypt Air, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Emirates.

According to the orders, none of the passengers belonging to the above-mentioned countries and traveling through any of the nine airlines will be able to bring electronic devices to the United States. The electronics which are bigger than a smartphone now require being placed in the checked luggage compartment.

However, no clear reason behind this order has been revealed yet. Any sort of comment has been denied by the spokespersons of US Homeland Security Department and the US Transportation Security Administration. Today, many media outlets have declared that the ban has been implemented by the authorities.

A statement in USA Today says, “The secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly, and the acting head of the Transportation Security Administration, Huban Gowadia, decided that greater security was needed based on intelligence about airlines that fly non-stop from 10 airports to the U.S., according to four senior administration officials who spoke to reporters on background to discuss security measures.”

CNN has quoted a US official as saying that the ban has been implemented to curb the threat posed by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian region. The US Department of Homeland Security has released a statement, “We have no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide an update when appropriate.”

The countries which have been listed in the ban have quite secure and stable internal demographics. None of them were a part of the Trump’s executive order to ban immigrations. This is the reason that the analysts are thinking that the ban is because of some intelligence report that has pointed out the chances of any in-air terror activities.


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