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Pakistan Gets its First-Ever Robotic Waiter in a Restaurant in Multan

robot in Multan resturant

Pakistan is ready to provide people with the robotic waiter service with an initiative already been taken in a pizza parlor in Multan by the name of The most astounding thing is that the robot itself and the underlying technology has been made entirely from the ground up in Pakistan.

From the technology to the hardware, everything has been created right here in Pakistan without relying on any foreign raw materials or expertise.

The Man Behind this Technology

Usama Aziz is an electrical engineering graduate from the prestigious National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and is the main force behind this robot. He is the son of the owner of the restaurant and has a very keen interest in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Source of Motivation

Usama was enrolled in the Electrical Engineering department of NUST from the year 2011 till 2015 when he graduated. His aim was to go abroad for higher studies and explore the fields of his interest.

It was his father who encouraged him to stay back in Pakistan and prove his mettle in his very own country. Despite everything, Usama still wanted to go abroad and it was only his parents’ stubbornness which kept him back.

During this time, he started focusing on his father’s business and realized that an automation in the system can increase efficiency and productiveness of the business. After being struck with the notion, he started working on it.

When he realized that the cost of importing an automated machine would cost him around millions of rupees, he was determined to develop it from the scratch right here in Pakistan.

Meet the First Robotic Waiter of Pakistan

After putting 8 months of hard work and around 0.4 million (4 lakh) Pakistani Rupees, the first ever robotic waiter of Pakistan finally became a reality. The robot is under beta testing currently in Multan branch of his father’s restaurant.

This robot is able to navigate its way to the tables of the customers, greet them, serve the meal, and get back to the counter. It also has the ability to detect any possible obstacles in the path and avoid them to continue smoothly.

At present, the robot is a bit limited in scope and this is because of the limited implementation of artificial intelligence in it.

Considering the fact that it has been entirely made in Pakistan and none of the mechanical and electrical components have been imported, it is commendable how Usama has managed to accomplish such a huge milestone with limited resources and in such a short period of time.

Future Plans

Currently, the robot is deployed in the Multan branch of and is in the beta testing phase. However, Usama has plans to have similar robots in the Hyderabad branch too. He also plans to enhance the features and functionality of the robot by enabling it to take orders too in near future.

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