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All The Nokia Phones Will Be Launched In Pakistan Within A Few Weeks

Nokia is coming back

Nokia is all set to make a re-debut in Pakistan and is keen on capturing a wider share of the market. The company hopes to accomplish this goal through the new series of smartphones which will be launched in Pakistan’s local market by the end of the second quarter of this year.

In a recent media talk, the Vice President of the Middle East & North Africa HMD Global, Per Ekman, has categorized Pakistan as a strategically essential market for his company. He feels that there are high chances of an overwhelming response to the Nokia phones from this particular region.

The series of the cell phones includes three smartphones namely Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and the legendary feature phone Nokia 3310.

HMD Global has formed an alliance with Nokia and Foxconn and is making immense efforts to bring back Nokia to a wider market through a series of handsets.

In December 2016, Nokia 6 was introduced in China and surprisingly, it received more than a million pre-sale registrations within a few weeks. The headsets were sold out in 23 seconds in the market right after its launch. This feedback was a lot better than the calculated response.

Around 86 percent of the buyers were millennials and this shows the popularity of the headset amongst the tech-savvy generation.

According to the VP of HMD Global, the headsets received a great response in China which is the biggest and most competitive market in the world. For some reason, it also managed to create a positive buzz in the market by attracting all those buyers who were looking for high-quality handsets.

These smartphones are different from the rest of the competitors in the market and this is making their demand even higher. They are unique in design, engineering, and body material making the customers lure for them.

The material used in the body is aluminum which is all about strength and durability. Another milestone was the introduction of Android platform in Nokia 6 and giving up the old Windows OS.

An interesting fact was revealed by Per Ekman about Nokia 3310. He said that the phone has been re-introduced because of its immense demand in different markets of the world. HMD Global had conducted a survey about the relaunch of Nokia 3310 and the results of that survey were very much in the favor of the phone.

He is hoping that the people of Pakistan will again welcome the Nokia handsets as they’ll make their way to the market. The same high-quality build is still present in the sets with the only change being is the introduction of a better OS which is Android 7.0.

The arrangements of making the handsets available as soon as possible have already begun. The new Nokia phones will be launched in different phases and the customers should be expecting a rollout in the coming quarter.

The prices of the phones are yet to be revealed but according to the sources, they will be displayed as soon as next week.

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