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The Concept of a Modular Flying Car Has Been Unveiled by Airbus

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At this year’s  Geneva Motor Show (GMS), one of the biggest names in the aircraft manufacturing industry Airbus unveiled its modular and autonomous flying car concept.

It has been designed by collaborating with Italdesign, Pop.Up is one modular passenger capsule that has the ability to switch between four-wheeled ground transport and quadcopter flight.

The concept is based on artificial intelligence which chooses whether an air or a ground route must be taken. This decision depends on the rider’s preference and the traffic. The idea of using the capsules through hyperloop tubes depending on their availability is also taken into consideration by Airbus.

The aircraft manufacturing company visions Pop.Up to become an on-demand transportation network that is not just limited to the ground-based options.

However, this autonomous drone car is still a mere concept and in its initial phases. It needs to go through extensive testing before it is rolled out to the public for use. In reality, a practical use seems quite distant for now.

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