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Alibaba Officials Visit Pakistan

alibaba entering pakistan

Alibaba is known as one of the most powerful e-commerce companies in the world. Even China’s prosperity has been partly credited to Alibaba as it converted China’s home industry to online and opened global doors for Chinese products.

In January, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met with the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma at the World Economic Forum. Now, Alibaba officials are visiting Islamabad and have met with the Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar

The delegation is said to be amazed at Pakistan’s developments in the fields of IT, telecom and broadband penetration. Dar informed them that over 11% of Pakistanis use mobile phones for a financial transaction. He further told them that the supply and demand of digital services in Pakistan is huge.

Sources reveal that Alibaba is interested in purchasing Daraz.PK, thus, there have been discussions amongst the two about it. If true, Alibaba group would then become the largest e-commerce holder in Pakistan.

Presently, the Alibaba delegation is believed to be analyzing the local market in order to assess its possibility of entering in Pakistan within the next few months.

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