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Sony Batteries To Be Used In Samsung Galaxy S8

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Samsung is going to outsource its battery production of its most awaited Galaxy S8 to its rival, Sony.

Due to the disaster of the Note 7 batteries taking place last year, the South Korean tech industry is searching for a variety of battery suppliers for production of batteries for its device Samsung Galaxy S8. As told by Wall Street Journal, Sony will be the third company to supply lithium-ion batteries to Samsung. The other two companies are its long-standing suppliers: a Samsung affiliate SDI Co. and Hong Kong-based Amperex Technology Ltd.

Wall Street Journal has also reported that the order of the number of batteries placed with Japanese phone manufacturer, Sony, is smaller as compared to the order placed to other two suppliers.

By adopting its rival’s batteries, Samsung has shown us that it will do anything to gain back customers’ trust by providing safe and high-quality products. The previous year, Samsung had to issue back more than 3 million Note 7 smartphones due to the battery explosions that negatively tarnished its reputation and the revenue the company was making.

In order to find the root problem of the incident, Samsung meticulously examined each and every aspect of the Galaxy Note7, including its hardware, software and other procedural aspects in the course of several months. The research came to the conclusion that the overheating of the batteries was due to damaged insulation as the main reason behind Galaxy Note 7 explosions.

Samsung has followed through a number of steps to prevent such happenings in the future. The company has furthermore formed a Battery Advisory Group of external advisers, academic and research experts to guarantee battery security and innovation.

Samsung is also branching out to its other rival, Apple, to manufacture around 160 million OLED screens for iPhone 8.

Neither Samsung nor Sony have released any statements regarding the aforementioned reports as of yet.

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