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Your Mobile Data Package Is Limited? YouTube Go is the Ultimate Solution For You

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In late 2016, Google made an announcement about releasing a new YouTube app which will target the users with limited data. This app will allow them to stream and share videos while using minimum data.

This app which has been named as YouTube Go is now available for all the users to try out now.

About the App

The purpose of designing this app was to target specifically those people who are residing in countries where availability of internet is limited. Even if it is available, it is slow or very expensive.

The new app tends to work exactly like the original one but carries less animation and a rather simplistic design.

When you will select a video for viewing, a preview will be displayed in the GIF form which will provide you two options which you have to choose from.

  • Save
  • Play

Streaming, Downloading, and Sharing

These three options are available whether you want to play the video in Basic settings or in Standard ones. For both the settings, the resolution of the video is not available but according to some information, it will be 144p for the Basic one and 360p for the Standard one. The option of HD video playback will not be available at all and rightly so because this app has been designed for users who want to conserve data so there was no need to introduce such an option.

One of the most interesting features of this app is to share your saved videos through Bluetooth which is a further attempt to help users save data. According to Google, 15KB will be used as a security check but that is close to nothing.

The app will not allow the users to stream or save the videos in 720p or higher. If some users are annoyed with this then they need to keep this in mind that the app has been designed for people who have limited data. If one wants to see high-quality videos then the YouTube app is there for them.

Target Audience

YouTube Go comes with a very simple design and the minimum Android version with which it is capable is Jellybean 4.1. This further establishes the fact that the app has been designed for low-end devices in order to provide the opportunity to the users owning them to watch YouTube videos at lower costs.

If anyone has a better data plan or a great Wi-Fi connection then it is definitely better for them to use the normal YouTube app which provides HD videos viewing. Otherwise, YouTube Go app is quite handy when you have limited data or want to share your videos with others.


For right now, this app is not available on the Play Store in Pakistan.

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  • youtube go app: fossbytes

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