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Kaymu.pk Gets a Legal Notice from CCP for Deceptive Marketing Practices


The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued a notice to one of the most famous online shopping platforms in Pakistan ‘Kaymu.pk’. This has been done in regard to the deceptive marketing practices which were being adopted by the company in matters like return policy, resolution of disputes between buyers and sellers, vague terms and conditions, and payment and shipping methods. They were deceiving the customers and violating the Section 10 of the Competition Act, 2010.

The inquiry was conducted upon the complaint of a Pakistani citizen who allegedly claimed that ‘Kaymu.pk’ is conducting various violations by being involved in deceptive marketing tactics to allure the customers.

The complainant said that the online shopping platform claims to be a safe and highly cooperative website for both the buyers and sellers. In reality, this statement contradicts with the practices being observed by ‘Kaymu.pk’ which rather allows the sellers to commit frauds. They mislead the buyers about the services provided while the order is being placed as well as regarding the after sale services.

After the facts were analyzed by the inquiry report, it was found that indeed ‘Kaymu.pk’ was deceiving its customers through self-contradictory statements and information which were provided on the website. There were no fair warnings given regarding the seller’s return policy thus, causing troubles to the buyers.

Moreover, the claims made by the website of being a mediator between the two parties and absorbing itself to confirm the reliability of the seller are entirely false.

It was also found that the website offers multiple delivery and shipping options to the customers. However, none of the options were available for them in reality.

At the end, the inquiry report has concluded that ‘Kaymu.pk’ is definitely responsible for spreading false and misleading information to the customers. This is not only unfair to the customers but their false claims will affect the business of other competitors in the market as well. Thus, the website has been found violating the Section 10 of the Competition Act.

Office of Fair Trade (OFT) in CCP is responsible for ensuring fair marketing practices in the country and is vigilant enough to keep an eye on the marketing strategies of all the businesses. This prevents the adoption of deceptive methods by any business and saves the consumers from financial losses.

With the e-commerce industry continuously on the rise in the country, CCP is employing all the required measures to safeguard the interests of consumers and genuine sellers from all sorts of deceptive marketing tactics.

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