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iPhone 8 May Feature Wireless Charging

iphone 8 wireless charging

If you thought their wireless headphones were a big jump, take a look at this!

Apple is currently a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, as revealed by 9to5mac, the website that has recently added Apple as one of the 213 members. This website is propagating rumors that iPhone will now be introducing wireless charging.

Wireless charging is not a new phenomenon. Apple watch already adopts the use of magnetic cable that charges it wirelessly, however iPhones have never ventured this design.

When wireless charging initially rose to popularity, it dealt with some obstacles such as the charging being too slow or the battery getting hot. Consequently, if this feature is not well designed, it could damage the battery in the long run. Not only were there technical difficulties, but companies were competing to set a gold standard to the feature. Now that it is expanding, Apple may just be ready to implement this feature to their own devices.

In September, Apple could introduce three models – in addition to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+, there could be a new model coming around that would stand in a higher light than these two.

It is still not certain yet whether all iPhones will use wireless charging, or just the top models. Not only this, but no one is certain yet whether Apple is going to put the charger in the box or if it’ll ship the devices with the Lightning cable.

There is a huge number of companies in the Wireless Power Consortium, including Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC and Qualcomm. Consequently, today’s revelation would not mean much about Apple’s plans for the future devices. However, all the rumors are definitely piquing our interest towards the matter.

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