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Google to Remove Torrent Links from Search Results

google removing torrent links

Google has taken a step in order to combat internet piracy which is definitely the biggest bane of the entertainment industry for quite some time now. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (Bing) have often been criticized for not doing enough to overcome the internet piracy issue which costs humongous amounts of money to the entertainment industry.

“Google and other search companies are close to striking a voluntary agreement with entertainment companies to tackle the appearance of infringing content links in search results.” These are the words from a report in TorrentFreak website.

The report further says that the action has been thought upon more vigorously after the discussions chaired by UK’s Intellectual Party Office took place. All the parties have come to a unanimous decision of a code being effective by June 1, 2017. However, it is still not sure whether Google will be following this code in Britain only or throughout the world.

Last year in September, around 1.75 billion websites were delisted by Google because of numerous copyright takedown requests. This number has been confirmed by the officials of Google Inc. as it was listed in the copyright section of the company’s transparency report.

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