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Facebook Allows You to View All the Photos You Have Ever Like on the Social Media Website

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We have seen a lot of social media platforms become a rage and then fade away because they weren’t able to conform to the changing trends and likes of people. Contrary to this, Facebook is one platform which continues to stay at the top of its game despite so many competitors out there.

This has become possible majorly because the social media platform which boasts more than a billion users keeps rolling out new updates and features keeping the likes and preferences of users in mind making it more relevant.

The newest feature introduced by the website will help people enhance their stalking skills and thus, making it creepier than before.

How would you feel if your spouse or anyone else from your list was able to see each and every photo you have liked? Facebook has made this possible with its latest feature.

A new and simple trick lets people see all the photos they have ever liked on Facebook. Not only this but a minor tweak in the feature also allows them to view the photos liked by any other person in their friends’ list.

All you need to do is to go to the search box at the top of the page and write “Photos liked by me” and it will show you all those photos which you have liked on Facebook.

The most interesting part of this feature is that it can easily be used to see the photos liked by any friend or family member. You simply need to type “Photos liked by…” followed by the name of the person in the search box and Facebook will display all the results for you.

If this wasn’t enough then Facebook has something else for you as well. You can also see the people who refused to make you a part of their Facebook friends’ list.

Again, you need to follow a simple process to do this. Open your Facebook account in a browser and click on the friend request tab. This function cannot be performed on the app thus, you need to open your Facebook account in a browser. In the drop down menu, you need to select ‘view all’ and from there you can click on ‘sent friend requests’.

If it has been years since you sent that friend request to a college friend and it is still lying on pending then it is about time to withdraw that request.

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