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Turn Your Phone into a Professional Camera with the Help of This Accessory

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There is no denying the fact that every year, Apple works really hard to improve the result of its camera. Unfortunately, the result of these cameras can still not meet that of the professional ones and the major cause behind this is the small size of the lens.

ExoLens has been working on this and quite successfully has launched a lens which you can attach to your iPhone 7. This accessory has a Zeiss lens of pro-level which will help in enhancing the result of each and every photo you take with your iPhone.

This is the second time that ExoLens and Zeiss have come together to provide something of this sort to the users. Earlier, a similar accessory was launched but it required the users to take off the protective case from their iPhones. This is not the case with the new one, though. This time, they have made the accessory itself a protective case for your phone.

You can also get the mounting brackets from the company but they come with a drawback of misbalancing the phone during the photography time. Quick switching of lenses is possible through these cases which can be bought directly from Apple itself.

There are many users out there who are satisfied with their 12 MP cameras but for those looking for more, these are ideal accessories which they can buy at a nominal cost.

Before buying, you can wait for the reviews from the users who have used this accessory. Available at $199.95, you need to make sure it’s worth the price otherwise there are companies like Moment and Olloclip which offer cheaper alternatives.

This accessory supports phones ranging from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7.

At CES in Las Vegas, these cases will be showcased and will be dispatched in the first quarter of the year to those who wish to buy them.

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