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The Real Reason Behind Uber, Careem Ban

careem and uber ban

The Government of Punjab has asked the Lahore Traffic Police and Lahore Transport Company to help them in catching Uber and Careem cars.

The reasons being claimed behind the banning of these ride-hailing services are not having the route permits and fitness certificates. The ride cars will be paying Rs.1235 fitness fees and Rs.5550 route permit for the first time.

The government of Punjab is carrying out all these activities because of the Turkish Transport Company being upset with them. It has engaged the transport department of Punjab to catch all the private Uber and Careem cars by booking them online and then taking strict action against them.

The transport department has asked the Lahore Traffic Police and Lahore Transport Company to help them out in this crackdown. The actions will be taken on the account of being against the law by not having the route permit and fitness certificate.

The traffic wardens and officials from the LTC enforcement team will get hold of the cars by making an online booking.

Hundreds of thousands of private cars are on the road working for Uber and Careem and providing cheap and quality ride services to the public. Because of the affordable rates and luxurious rides, people from Lahore had started giving preference to these two ride-hailing services on other means of transport.

These companies made it difficult for the conventional taxi companies to survive on their own. The service which suffered the most in this was the Turkey-based taxi service named A Cab Taxi.

This company is working with the government of Punjab on numerous other projects including Urban Bus System and LWMC. Thus, the higher officials have contacted the saying that the ride-hailing services are doing extreme damage to their business which might cause them to end all the deals with the government.

Upon this, the government took an action without any delay and contacted the transport department to take an action against these two companies. Initially, 95 cars have been caught in this along with appointing the DIG traffic captain, Syed Ahmed Mubin, and the LTC officials on this task.

The difference between the rentals which are charged by the taxi companies and these online services is huge. This was the reason that all the people resorted to Uber and Careem.

With these two services facing a ban, the future of the A Cab Taxi might still be in question because of their high rates.

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