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Pakistanis Can Say Good Bye to Slow Video Streaming Now

slow internet in Pakistan

While browsing the internet, everything seems to be fine as every page loads quickly. Downloading speeds up as well but when you put a video on streaming, it takes you back to the modem era when you used to hear those screeching sounds as the internet tried to connect itself.

A lot of people in Pakistan face this issue whenever they try to watch a video that it takes a lot of time to load.

The local service providers commonly known as ISPs keep getting complaints on a regular basis from the users that the speed of the internet is not quick enough. Despite all the advertised claims of offering light speed internet, the users still need to put the video on loading in order to enjoy a continuous video experience. The issue is not limited to the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter but is there on the video streaming websites as well.

Although most of us feel right in blaming the service provider but it is not he who is at fault actually. The problem is with the CDNs of the social media websites or the streaming providers.

What is a CDN?

Content Delivery Network which is abbreviated as CDN is a system where the servers are distributed and the web pages along with the content they are carrying are delivered to the end user. All the content providers including the broadcasting companies, social media giants, and Television businesses place these CDNs at different geographical locations which depend on the number of internet users or the amount of data which is used in that particular area.

Where is the Fault?

The major problem is that all these platforms which offer video sharing including Google, Facebook, and YouTube do not have enough CDNs in Pakistan.

The majority of the times, the Pakistani users have to use the CDNs from another country to access the data from these websites. Usually, the country is Singapore or Europe.

The CDNs are already handling the internet users in their respective regions and tend to get overburdened as they are designed to handle a specific amount of data. This is the reason that whenever you watch a video on Facebook, YouTube, or any other website, the quality is low and it takes a lot of time to get streamed.

Also, it will take more time to access the CDN if it is placed in another country. This is definitely the cause behind the videos taking a longer time to load, buffer, and even more time to provide high-quality streaming. Most of the time, videos start at Standard Definition (SD) quality and if the user senses that he can access more bandwidth, he upgrades it to High Definition (HD).

StormFiber Can Help Resolving This Problem

A local ISP names StormFiber has taken it upon themselves to stand up and provide better video viewing experience to the users. It is working with the giants like YouTube and Netflix and convincing them to place their CDNs in Pakistan as well.

YouTube has already done so and is increasing its capacity as more traffic comes to StormFiber. Akamai which is the largest CDN provider is trying to amalgamate their infrastructure with StormFiber. This will help in not overloading the CDNs and dramatically improve the HD and 4K stream video viewing for the users.

StormFiber is doing a lot in helping the Pakistani users to have CDNs in their own country which will help in better video quality without any delay or unnecessary.

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