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Is Motorola All Ready to Launch Something Big in Pakistan?

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According to sources, Motorola is planning an official entry into Pakistan. Although the line of smartphones which will be launched in the country is not confirmed yet but a debut flagship model is expected from the company among the lot.

It is expected that Motorola will make its move sometime around February to step into the Pakistani market.

Currently, Motorola has zero existence in the country not even having any re-seller or a distribution channel. With this launch, the brand will be back officially.

Back in the days, the Moto RAZR was a rage in the country. The slide phone was considered to be a status symbol in Pakistan. However, the current models of the company still need to make a mark in the industry but it still has a better recognition as compared to the numerous small brands in the market.

The last few years have been quite eventful for the country. In 2011, Google bought it for $12.5 billion but sold it to Lenovo after it failed to be integrated into their system. The second deal took place in 2014 where Lenovo paid only $2.91 billion and the patent portfolio retained with it.

Lenovo has admitted that there were numerous stumbles in handling Motorola but now they are sure what they need to do with the company. One of the plans include something big to be done in Pakistan and they have a very bright vision for it.

There is no denying the fact that Motorola phones are not as popular as they once used to be but they still hold a high reputation amongst the buyers. One of the biggest highlights of their phones is the amazing camera. The flagship model, Moto Z, has a number of innovative ‘mods’ which tend to enhance the sound, battery life, and camera performance of the phone.

The competition in the Pakistani mobile market will become even more intense after its launch. Let’s see how the audience receives this new line of smartphones.

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