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Indian Government Does it Again – 12-Digit ‘Number Plates’ for Cows

cow with number plate

The Indian government never fails to come up with the most bizarre solutions for the civic issues the population keeps facing. Modi administration has come up with a program which will aim to give each and every cow in the country a 12-digit unique ID number. The project is quite similar to the Aadhaar card which was released earlier for the citizens.

With only one year to get the job done, there are around 100,000 technicians which have been assigned the task of staggering 88 million cows and buffaloes around the country. All the technicians will be carrying an iPad which will help them out in the stamping and data entry process.

Prime Minister says that the reason behind this step is to provide a more effective way of scientific intervention and vaccination which will ensure that the animals have a better breeding and the production of the milk is increased as well. They hope to double the income of the farmers through this step by 2020.

The technician will tag the animal and upload all the details in an online database. These details will include vaccination, breed, and information about the owner.

The budget allocated for this task is a whopping $22 million or INR 148 crores.

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