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The First Nokia Android Phone Rejects the West – To be Released in China

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The Nokia-branded first ever smartphone will be released in China and the device will be marketed along with a partner which is the internet retail giant of the country, JD.com.

The team which designed the Nokia 6 phone believes that its unique design and accessibility will appeal to the wider masses.

The announcement was made on the last day of the CES tech show taking place in the city of Las Vegas where a number of new gadgets and mobile phones were launched as well.

No longer does Nokia use its own name to manufacture any of the smartphones. This time a Finnish company has a license to the brand and its name is HMD Global.

Basic feature phones have been released under the deal until now but this one marks the debut of the smartphone models.

Although Nokia had released windows phone earlier but this one is its return in the smartphone market being such a high anticipated Android device. In 2014, Microsoft acquired the Nokia mobile devices after briefly using them for about a year.

There was this time when Nokia was the leader of the mobile phone industry but started struggling after the launch of the iPhone about a decade ago. Furthermore, the release of the Google’s Android Operating System gave it a further below making it extinguish from the market.

It was hinted by HMD Global that it plans on releasing Android phones being branded with Nokia in 2017.

In February, further details will be released on the Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress along with some major launches on this trade show.

“The decision by HMD to launch its first Android smartphone into China is a reflection of the desire to meet the real world needs of consumers in different markets around the world,” this statement was released by the firm.

“With over 552 million smartphone users in China in 2016, a figure that is predicted to grow to more than 593 million users by 2017, it is a strategically important market where premium deign and quality is highly valued by consumers.”

This latest Nokia 6 phone runs on Android 7.0 which happens to be the latest version of the OS and is also known as Nougat. The important features are:

  • 5.5 inches 1080p “full high definition” screen
  • 16 MP rear camera
  • 4 GB RAM memory and 64 GB storage
  • 2 amplifiers which have been supported by Dolby Atmos audio processing and according to HMD, they will create audio which will seem to flow around the users

Both the specifications and the price are somewhere around the mid-range (1,699 Yuan, $245, £200).

This makes this model lie somewhere in the middle of Xiaomi’s Mi 5s and Huawei’s Honor 6 while the former one being more expensive than it and the latter one being cheaper.

Ben Wood who is a spokesman from CCS Insight technology consultancy says, “ Nokia remains one of the most recognized mobile phone brands on the planet,”

“HMD Global will be hoping it can capitalize on this as it seeks to re-launch Nokia devices in 2017.”

“It will be hoping the brand will help it stand out in the incredibly crowded Android smartphone market, which is characterized by cut-throat competition and a sea of design sameness.”

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