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Bloggers Under Police Custody for Posting Fake Images On the Web

bloggers arrested in PakistanIt has been more than 12 hours since a few bloggers went missing and are not even responding on their phones. They were supposed to appear before FIA Cyber Crime Wing Islamabad on 31st of December and there is no clue of their whereabouts since then.

There were at least 3 bloggers who were supposed to present themselves in front of the FIA Cyber Crime Wing Islamabad for investigation. The matter at hand was that they posted pictures of the Prime Minister of Pakistan along with a fellow PML(N) leader attributing the latter to be Justice Saqib Nisar.

Although the bloggers had deleted the images from their respective blogs, they still had to appear in the FIA office in Islamabad. Little did they know that they would be arrested there.

The families of the bloggers have no idea about the whereabouts of their children and are extremely worried about them.

Coming from the city of Multan, these were part-time bloggers. The FIA was able to track them down with the help of WHOIS information which available right there on their website.

These three were among the thousands who had shared the questionable images on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

As per the sources, these bloggers have been detained for now and no official statement has been released on this matter.

It was done by FIA on the orders of Interior Minister, Ch. Nisar, to find out the ones who have been spreading wrong information and fake images about Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan.

From the situation, it is obvious that the FIA is inclined upon catching the easy targets instead of catching the ones who are actually behind the crime.

It appears that the bloggers might be charged with a section of the Cyber Crime Bill which has been termed as “Cyber Terrorism”. It is the Section 7 of the bill which deals with such issues and says:

“the use of threat is designed to coerce, intimidate, overawe or create a sense of fear, panic or insecurity in the government or the public or a section of the public or community or sect or in society.”

However, no one is sure which section are the bloggers going to be charged with so it is quite early to comment on the matter.

But if they are charged with this section then the consequences could as dangerous as facing 14 years in jail or ending up paying Rs. 50 million in fine.

There were other bloggers and a hosting provider who were sent the notification as well but currently, they are out of the country.

The online media, journalists, and bloggers should take it as a warning that once they post a fake image or piece of information on any website, they’ll be facing some dire consequences from the government. They will be behind the bars in no time without any warrant, investigation or even a trial.

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