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4G Call Locators Can Now Help the Sindh Police in Tracing Calls

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Sindh Police will now have the ability to trace calls after acquiring the multi-million rupee 4G mobile call locator system.

Previously, the call tracing and call bugging were limited to and used by intelligence agencies only. With the help of this expensive system, the Police Department of Sindh along with Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) will have the latest technology to carry out their responsibilities more effectively.

It is the CTD officials which will be operating and taking care of this system as it has been bought to deal with more heinous crimes. Whenever required, other departments will come in contact with CTD and take its assistance.

The system will enable the officials to log accurate private data which will be a great step in countering terrorism, robberies, blackmailing, kidnappings etc.

According to a source from the Police Department, “ In fact, the Sindh police have acquired two 4G mobile phone call locators, which have been handed over to the CTD for use in the entire province. The police have been using technology for more than two years but the latest one is a modern (gadget) to trace smartphone communications.”

In the past, Sindh Police had acquired two sets of the similar system but they were only limited to the 2G and 3G technology. They were handed over to the Special Branch. With nearly all the mobile operators offering 4G services, it became very important to upgrade the system with the latest technology.

This system will enable the Sindh Police to locate the phones with pinpoint precision.

It was back in 2010 when the Police Department of Sindh wanted to get its hands on this technology but the idea was not backed by the higher officials. The excuse of not having enough technology to solve a particular case cannot be given by Sindh Police anymore.

Sources have revealed that these systems have been designed and developed locally. They have also been tested in the interior Sindh for tracking kidnappers and other criminals.

We hope that this technology will be used by Police in the best interests of the masses and will not be misused to invade the private life of citizens. This is a great step by the government in empowering their system against crime and forces of evil. It is good to see other provinces apart from KPK taking steps to advance the crime control system.

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