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WhatsApp Introduced Two New Features

whatsapp video calling

WhatsApp has given its Android users two additional features in their WhatsApp Messenger app. These two features include video streaming and GIFs. Though, these features will only work with Android 4.1 or higher versions of the software. In order to get these features, the users need to install the new version or update the existing one.

There are more than 1 billion WhatsApp users around the globe and after Facebook took it over, it keeps introducing new features every now and then. A few days back, these two features were induced in the beta version of the app but now, they have finally been released in the Android version as well.

Facebook Messenger and Google Duo already had the video streaming and GIF features in them. All the WhatsApp users were now anxiously waiting for these to be introduced in their favorite app. Along with these two features, WhatsApp like Facebook and YouTube now allows its users to watch videos online without downloading them. With GIFs keyboard being introduced, the conversations on WhatsApp will become more enjoyable now.

Although these services are only available to Android users now but the WhatsApp Inc. has ensured that very soon they’ll be introduced to Apple and Windows phones as well.

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