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Samsung and Jazz Jointly Launch the Security Platform ‘Knox’

In Pakistan, Samsung has chosen Mobilink Jazz as its partner in operations to launch ‘Knox’. This is a software to safeguard the sensitive applications and all the important data along with being a management system for the mobile device as well. With the help of this security platform, Samsung enables you to protect, manage, and tailor your mobile devices for business use.

All of your Samsung mobile devices which are used for the business can be deployed on this platform and can help in meeting all the business, management, and security requirements. It offers its users advanced customization options which allow them to set up the platform according to their business needs. For all the CEOs and CIOs out there, the security and management of their data and system remain the utmost priority. It can be quite challenging to find a solution which is easy-to-use as well as robust at the same time. For this reason, Samsung has come up with the ‘Knox’ software.

All the Samsung’s newest devices have the software built for them at multiple levels and it involves both the hardware and the software of any device. It can detect any tampering with the data within a limited period of time and issue a warning. The security settings and enhancements are pre-defined with the kind of access which is allowed to the data. Rights, domains, security policies, and Mandatory Access Control help in safeguarding the device.

A processor architecture named the ARM TrustZone is involved in ‘Knox’. There are two worlds in the TrustZone which are known as the Secure World and the Normal World. All the normal smartphone use runs in the Normal World whereas the Secure World is reserved only for the protection of highly confidential and sensitive business data. There are three core constituents of the TrustZone: ‘Real-time Kernel Production’, ‘TIMA KeyStore’, and ‘Attestation’.

With the help of ‘Secure Boot’, any device can be protected from unauthorized data being loaded. This ensures the device from not being tampered. ‘Trusted Boot’ makes sure that measurements of the device are according to the factory settings and have not been changed since then.

A set of security processes known as the ‘Hardware Root of Trust’ flags if the default controls of the device have been altered. ‘Secure Boot Key’ and ‘Device Root Key’ are also included which involve the encryption and authentication of the data.

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