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PK661 Faced Engine Failures in the Past as Well

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With 47 people on board, PIA’s PK-661 crashed near the Havelian while taking a flight from Chitral to Islamabad. The reason behind the crash was the engine failure. Unfortunately, this was not the first time that an issue was reported pertaining to this aircraft.

Engine Failure (2014)

On 15th Sep 2014, PK-452 stated an engine failure as soon as it took off. During that time, a loud bang and flaming out of the engine was reported by the pilots and an emergency landing was made after directing the plan back towards the departure point. The 60 people on board landed safely at Skardu.

Emergency Landing (2009)

In 2009, the pilots could not control the plane after it touched the surface at Lahore airport. A crash landing was made and it was reported that the landing gear had created a problem by the CAA. The plan had swerved from the runway, getting stuck in the nearby soft ground. Although the plan was considerably damaged but the passengers were safe with only seven people receiving trivial injuries.

This particular plane was manufactured in the year 2007 with registration AP-BHO and on 15th May 2007, it was added to PIA’s fleet.

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