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Pakistan Railway Makes Rs 100 Million In Two Months Via E-Tickets

Pakistan Railway E Ticketing

Pakistan Railway (PR) is back with a bang, faster than we could anticipate. The national railway department announced in a statement that it has earned Rs. 100 million by selling e-tickets, proving once again how digitilization helps the common man.

This news was extracted from a statement made by the Minister of Railway, Khawaja Saad Rafique, who reported that PR sold e-tickets worth Rs. 100 million within a mere 2 months of the e-ticketing system’s launch.

Sources from PR reveal to us that the department sold around 8,500 e-tickets. They were sold through different means including credit cards, debit cards, UBL Omni and mobile accounts. You may book a train online in 51 cities across Pakistan for 24 trains.

The data from PR shows that people from distant and rural areas actually gained the most benefits through this system. The Railway Minister congratulated the employees of PR and said this achievement is like a blossoming of a new era of modernization and development for the department.

E-Ticketing Coming to Quetta Within 1 Month

He directed the IT department of PR to launch the e-ticketing system in the city of Quetta as well amongst their list of cities. In particular, Akbar Bugti Express, Jaffer Express and Bolan Mail. He has given instructions to them to carry out this feat within one month as Quetta is one of the most prominent cities in Pakistan.

Talk of the launch of an e-ticketing system had began back in June this year. The system will help diminish corruption and fraud, and will ensure that the staff booking tickets does not charge a premium for a certain seat or for booking a train from an area a far distance away. The new system also cuts down the waiting time to purchase a ticket, as one may not need to physically be at the railway station to stand in the queue to purchase a ticket. What a relief for summer days especially!

In a nutshell, it is hoped that the flourishing of the e-ticketing system will help Pakistan Railways to go a long way, eventually earning a positive balance sheet. Pakistan Railways had been going into loss just as the the national airline PIA had. Not only this, CPEC projects are also expected to assist Pakistan Railways to only progress further, and bring back popularity to the good old trains.

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