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Ministry of IT and Telecom Takes Administrative Control over PTA and FAB


The administrative control of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) has been given to the Ministry of IT and Telecom by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

According to the sources, the notification has already been issued by the Prime Minister’s office and a course is being set for the smooth transference of powers and the authority.

After effects of this move mean that both the entities do not need to report to the Cabinet Division. Instead, the Ministry of IT and Telecom will exercise its direct control over them.

During the Musharraf era, the control was given to the Cabinet Division. Before his time, PTA and FAB were a part of the IT Ministry.

The important factors which need consideration include that now the Ministry of IT will have all the authority to choose the Chairman of PTA and all the other members as well. Not only this but the IT Ministry will be also be looking after other important matters such as audit reporting, appraisals, different kinds of budgets, various summaries, and all the other official matters as well.

Apart from PTA and FAB, the following bodies have also been moved from the Cabinet Division and assigned in their respective fields:

  • Public Procurement Regulatory Authority: Finance Division
  • Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority: Petroleum and Natural Gas Division
  • National Electric Power Regulatory Authority: Water and Power Division


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