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Introduction of CCTV E-Ticketing System and Automated Traffic Challans in Lahore

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With the traffic law system being more independent and empowered these days, there is no chance that one can look for a way out of a situation through bribing.

The structure is being more revolutionized with the help of technology. The CCTV cameras are taking the place of the traffic wardens and will be monitoring the traffic in Lahore. An automated challan form will be generated on the occurrence of a traffic offense which will be directly sent to the violator’s home.

Lahore is one of the biggest and highly populated cities in the country where the roads can be seen packed with traffic during all times of the day. Maintaining the traffic laws is very difficult in this city and the life of a traffic police officer is nothing less than a nightmare. The heavy traffic on the narrow roads and extreme noise are quite painful for the officers and this gave rise to the idea of e-ticketing system.

For a few months, the project was under consideration and awaiting the approval of the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. The authorities have finally approved it and within a couple of months, the plan will be implemented.

Outline of the New E-Ticketing Structure

All the traffic intersections will have the CCTV cameras installed and they will screen all kind of traffic violations including over speeding, breaking the signals, and wrong U-turns.

All the activities against the traffic laws will be reviewed by the set of people appointed and an e-ticket will be released upon their approval. Through courier service, this ticket will be sent to the house of the offender.

A photo of the offense will be attached along with the e-ticket in order to avoid any conflict and to prove the involvement of the person who has been charged.

The Consequences of Not Paying the Challan

Supposedly, the offender will have a time limit of 15 days to pay off the challan. If he fails to do so within the given period of time, another challan will be generated by the automated system carrying an extra charge for not paying on time. The courier services will be used to send this one too.

Improved Revenue for the Government

The Punjab Government will be able to generate better revenue through this move. The traffic wardens used to settle the disputes for their personal gains which led the government to suffer the loss. The revenue system will not tolerate any more damage as now all the culprits will be accounted to pay the fine they have been charged with.

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