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How to Remove Yourself from the Internet

delete yourself from internet

If you want to opt out of the internet then there is a very simple method available for this. With the help of your Gmail account, you can connect to the website deseat.me and make yourself disappear from the internet in a very simple way. This application helps in finding all the websites, services, or accounts which have been created using that Gmail email ID. Even the online stores, social networks, and dating websites will be included in this thorough search. If you have an abundant and variant online activity then it might take some time for the website to go through everything.

After making the search, deseat.me will list all the accounts, websites, and services which you have subscribed to. There is an option to delete or unsubscribe yourself with each of the links which are listed on the list. This tool comes in use for all those websites and accounts which have become obsolete and are not used by you anymore but carry your significant personal information. However, this service is only available for the Gmail users.

Similarly, another service names unroll.me is available but is not limited to the Gmail users only. The website serves to be a great solution for all the users for unsubscribing themselves from all the unwanted newsletters. There are times when you keep getting all these emails even after unsubscribing. In such a situation, this website will solve your problem with quick and ease.

This website also lists all the newsletters which you keep receiving in your inbox. A single click will help you in stopping them from bombarding your inbox. You can easily avoid cluttering of your inbox and all the newsletters will directly find their way in the trash.

Not only will these services sweep your inbox clean but will also help you deleting your personal data from all such websites which are not used by you anymore. Reducing the presence of your email address around the internet will actually help you in saving it from landing in dangerous hands if the website gets hacked.

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